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With the wide variety of ring brands on the market, it would be perfect to have a ring brand that matches your marriage view. Darry Ring has recently been gaining more and more attention from couples because of its unique brand concept. So, let's find out what is Darry Ring and what is DR ring meaning.

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What is Darry Ring?

Darry Ring is a Chinese jewelry brand and known for its unique brand concept, created in 2010, that one can only buy a DR diamond ring for the true love in a lifetime. Darry Ring specializes in the sale of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands and has expanded to more than 420 local diamond stores in cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Paris. Darry Ring's insistence on true love makes it stand out from other jewelry brands, and is considered one of the most romantic.

What is Darry Ring Meaning?

Darry Ring celebrates and embraces eternal love. Unlike other brands' marketing strategies, Darry Ring believes that true love is eternal and that marriage is the ultimate gesture of commitment, so it limits individual purchases based on this. Darry Ring sweetens relationships by limiting a person to one DR diamond ring per lifetime to encourage lovers to challenge themselves to fulfill a lifetime commitment. Choosing Darry Ring is the practice of true love and the expression of a lifetime commitment.

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What is ID Verification Ring?

Darry Ring has launched the first id verification ring in the world. ID verification ring refers to that the buyer, at his initial purchase of diamond engagement ring at Darry Ring,is required to upload a photo ID and binding identity information to achieve the purpose of real name ring purchase and one DR ring purchase in a lifetime.

What is the Significance of Darry Ring?

Darry Ring encourages people to pursue true love and wants to be a supporter and apostle of true love to build a world full of love, trust and commitment, so that every true love can be guarded and made worthy of blessing. Darry Ring is committed to creating unique diamond rings and takes True Love Agreement as covenant to make every intimate relationship sweet and long-lasting.

What is DR Ring Meaning?

A DR ring is a symbol of true love and loyalty. Because Darry Ring restricts a person to one DR diamond ring for a lifetime, when a person uses a DR diamond engagement ring to propose to you, it means that he considers you as his one true love and is loyal to you. Using a DR diamond ring to make a proposal represents the beginning of life-long commitment to your true love.

Meanwhile, DR ring represents romance. When you buy a DR diamond ring, you will be asked to be bound to each other's identity information and sign a true love agreement together. So, when a person is willing to propose to you with a DR diamond engagement ring, it shows his willing to acknowledge you in front of the world and to let the world witness your love, which is the most romantic thing in the world to do.

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What Does DR on a Ring Mean?

DR refers to Darry Ring, and DR on a ring means true love and lifetime commitment. This is mainly based on the purchase rules of Darry Ring, that is, a person can only buy one DR diamond ring with valid identity information for a lifetime. At the time of purchase, it needs to be bound to both parties' information and cannot be deleted permanently. Thus, when a person is willing to buy a DR diamond engagement ring for you, it means that he considers you as his only true love and is willing to make a lifetime commitment for you in the presence of the Darry Ring and the whole world.

What is Darry Ring Agreement?

Darry Ring Agreement, also known as the True Love Agreement, is an agreement that both parties must sign when they first purchase a DR diamond ring, promising to love each other forever until the end of their lives. The Darry Ring Agreement is a declaration of your love and loyalty to each other and will be permanently archived and cannot be deleted.

How Do I Get DR Diamond Ring?

Darry Ring is a brand with strict purchase rules. Single people and minors are not allowed to support the purchase. It can only be purchased by a person of either gender with an ID card and requires the completion of a Darry Ring Agreement to be considered a successful purchase. The specific purchase process for DR diamond engagement rings is as follows.

● Step 1: Create a DR Account

To purchase a DR diamond ring for the first time, you need to create an account on the Darry Ring official website in order to place your order successfully and receive instant notification of your order.

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● Step 2: Pick Your Favorite Ring Style

Once you have created an account, you can go to the product list page to pick your favorite ring style. Darry Ring has a limit of one diamond engagement ring per person, but there is no limit on wedding bands. Therefore, your first purchase can be a diamond engagement ring or a wedding band set, but only the ring. Only after you purchase a ring can you activate your purchases for other jewelry. Once you have selected your preferred diamond engagement ring, you can click “shop” to enter the checkout page.

● Step 3: Pass the True Love Verification

Before going to the checkout page, you will go to what they call the True Love Verification step. During the verification process, you will be asked to upload a photo of your valid ID card and undergo face verification. This step is mainly to verify the validity of your personal information and whether this is your first DR diamond engagement ring purchase.

● Step 4: Fill in Your Shipping Information

Congratulations! You have passed the True Love Verification! The next step you just need to fill in your shipping information and complete the payment. Darry Ring official website now supports all channels of payment, including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card payment, Alipay, WeChat payment, etc.

● Step 5: Sign True Love Agreement

The last step you need to sign True Love Agreement with your partner, and promise that you will love each other forever until the end of your life. At this point you have successfully completed the purchase process of a DR diamond engagement ring.

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Darry Ring from Which Country?

Darry Ring, from mainland China, is a Chinese jewelry brand that specializes in the sale of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Since its establishment, Darry Ring has set up more than 420 offline stores worldwide, including a Darry Ring Store located in the romantic Louvre in Paris.

What is DR Ring in China?

Darry Ring is a luxury wedding ring brand in China that preaches that true love deserves a unique diamond engagement ring. Darry ring in China encourages male courtship and stipulates that a man can only purchase one DR diamond ring for his true love with ID card in his lifetime.

DR ring in China symbolizes a man's true love for a woman and the ultimate commitment to be her partner for life. DR ring in China has dedicated itself to exploring themes that are crucial to the brand's identity and view of love. More than that, it invites its users to share love stories. By doing this, Darry Ring’s concept of true love caters to Chinese Generation Z and Millennial consumers' desire for true love and has quickly gained traction on social media, making it the most popular engagement ring brand in China.

Who Wons Darry Ring?

Guotao Zhang and Yiwen Liu, a couple who believe in true love, established DR Co. in 2010.

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What is Darry Ring? ›

October 2022) Darry Ring (colloquially known as DR and DR Ring, Chinese: DR钻戒)is an online jewelry retailer specializing in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings. It also offers necklaces, bracelets, earrings, personalized items as well as jewelry repair services.

Which country is Darry Ring? ›

Darry Ring is a Chinese jewellery brand founded under the principle that consumers can only buy one engagement ring. Launched in 2010 by DRCorporation Limited, it has since expanded with over 300 stores in mainland China, Hong Kong and Paris.

What is a promise ring meant for? ›

The tradition of gifting promise rings dates back to ancient times, when rings engraved with romantic poems were exchanged as a symbol and promise of love. Nowadays, it often means a couple's commitment to each other or a declaration of monogamy, especially if they've been dating for some time.

What finger does a promise ring go on for a female? ›

Traditionally, a promise ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand if you are not married. Some people choose to move the promise ring to the right hand once they are married. But, how you wear a promise ring is a personal choice.

Is Darry Ring a luxury brand? ›

Darry Ring is a luxury jewelry brand that celebrates true love. It is committed to creating a world full of love, trust and commitment through its unique brand rule of One Can Only Buy A DR Diamond Ring in A Lifetime.

What are the 3 heavy rings on the outsiders? ›

He was wearing three heavy rings." These were the rings that enabled the Soc to severely beat Johnny and thereby turn his life a different direction. However, the three greasers — Two-Bit, Ponyboy, and Johnny — were able to stand together against the Socs and use their number to avoid a confrontation.

What country did the ring come from? ›

The first wedding rings can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians when they exchanged rings made from braided reeds and hemp. They placed these rings on the fourth finger of the left-hand as they believed that there was a 'vein of love' that ran from this finger directly to your heart.

Is Darry his real name? ›

Darrel Curtis, more commonly referred to by his friends as 'Darry', is one of the main characters of The Outsiders.
Darrel Curtis.
Full NameDarrel Shaynne Curtis Jr.
BirthdayJanuary 5 (Capricorn)
7 more rows

What is Darry's symbol? ›

Darry, the oldest Curtis boy, has eyes that Ponyboy describes as pale blue-green ice, determined set to them, and that they look cold and hard. Darry's eyes symbolize him having to become the guardian of the house at a young age, and that he had to grow up too fast.

Is a promise ring just proposing? ›

As the name suggests, promise rings are given to symbolise a promise or commitment. Often this is given between couples as a commitment to their love, but we've also had customers come in looking for a promise ring to symbolise a strong friendship or to represent a pledge to themselves.

What is the most meaningful promise ring? ›

Eternity rings: choosing an eternity ring symbolizes everlasting love, making them one of the most meaningful promise ring offerings.

What is it called when a woman buys herself a ring? ›

Another term used for rings women purchase themselves is the 'non-engagement ring. ' Women are celebrating singledom and self love more than ever before. A non-engagement ring may feature a diamond or birthstone, and can be worn on any finger.

When should a female get a promise ring? ›

Since promise rings are a symbol of commitment and exclusivity in a relationship, they are meant to be given after dating for a certain amount of time. For some, that means one year. For others, a promise ring can be given at any point they feel the relationship is ready for the next step.

How long should a girl have a promise ring? ›

Promise rings are great placeholder engagement rings for couples in the early stages of their romance. They may be too young, or feel it's too early in their relationship for a proposal. In this instance, we find anywhere between 3-12 months is typically the time people buy promise rings for their partners.

How long should a girl wait for a promise ring? ›

Typically, we'd recommend waiting for at least six months before you give or receive a promise ring. Whenever you are ready to exchange these, be very clear about the ring's purpose and whether you're ready to uphold the promise that has just been made.

What is the most expensive wedding ring brand? ›

The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond ring is the most expensive ring in the world, priced at a mind-blowing $80 million. It is a stunning deep-blue 31-carat oval cut diamond ring.

Who makes the best quality rings? ›

Commit These Top Designer Jewelry Brands to Memory
  1. Tiffany & Co. Blame it on the classic Audrey Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany's, but there's something undeniably timeless about anything from this age-old jewelry designer. ...
  2. Cartier. ...
  3. David Yurman. ...
  4. Mikimoto. ...
  5. Gucci. ...
  6. Bulgari. ...
  7. Harry Winston. ...
  8. Foundrae.
Nov 22, 2022

What is the best ring brand? ›

What are the best engagement ring brands?
  • Vera Wang LOVE. ...
  • The Diamond Story. ...
  • Arctic Light Canadian Diamonds. ...
  • Ernest Jones Diamond Collection. ...
  • Leo Diamond. ...
  • Tolkowsky. ...
  • Neil Lane. ...
  • Le Vian®

Does Dally have a ring? ›

Dallas had given another piece of jewelry he had, which was a skull ring in the movie that he had beaten out of a Soc, to his girlfriend Sylvia. When Johnny noticed that Dallas was wearing the ring again and asked him about it, Dallas told him that she had two-timed him while he was in prison.

What is Ponyboy's real name? ›

Ponyboy Michael Curtis A 14-year-old boy who is the narrator and main character in The Outsiders. His parents have been killed in an automobile accident, and he lives with his two brothers. Soda(pop) Patrick Curtis Ponyboy's 16-going-on-17-year-old brother.

What are 3 symbols in The Outsiders? ›

The most important symbols used in the Outsiders are Two-Bit's prized switchblade, Bob's rings and the greaser hairstyle. His most prized possession, the switchblade is representative of a strong disregard for authority – something the greasers regularly ignore.

Why do they call it the ring? ›

Kôji Suzuki, the author of the novel upon which the movies are based, says that the title referred to the cyclical nature of the curse, since, for the viewer to survive after watching it, the video tape must be copied and passed around over and over.

How did the ring get its name? ›

The name “Ring” was suggested by Hamet Watt of Upfront Ventures. Hamet felt that this new name would resonate perfectly with the brand. Jamie ultimately chose this new name because it not only signifies a doorbell, but also because it conveys the company's mission of security.

Who made the first ring? ›

Rings have been found in tombs in Ur dating back to circa 2500 BC. The Hittite civilization produced rings, including signet rings, only a few of which have been discovered. People in Old Kingdom Egypt wore a variety of rings, of which a few examples have been found, including the famous scarab design.

How old is Darry? ›

Ponyboy's oldest brother. Darrel, known as “Darry,” is a twenty-year-old greaser who is raising Ponyboy because their parents have died in a car crash.

Does Ponyboy love Darry? ›

Ponyboy loves his brother Darrel, but since the loss of their parents, Darrel has become different. He's suddenly raising his two teenage brothers, and has taken on all of the responsibilities of a parent.

What did Darry do when Johnny died? ›

Dally knew what he wanted after the death of Johnny: He wanted to die. He pulled an unloaded gun in order to force the police to shoot him.

What are 4 symbols in The Outsiders? ›

  • Two-Bit's Switchblade. Two-Bit's switchblade is his most prized possession and, in several ways, represents the disregard for authority for which greasers traditionally pride themselves. ...
  • Cars. Cars represent the Socs power and the greasers' vulnerability. ...
  • Bob's Rings. ...
  • Greaser Hair.

What is Darry proud of? ›

Despite his hard-working nature and ability to differentiate right from wrong, Darry also loves fighting, and is proud to use his strong body to defend the other greasers.

What describes Darry? ›

The description of Darry shows him as athletic and also "tough, cool, and smart" (The Outsiders 7). He is six-feet-two and strongly built and appears older than twenty. He is described as having dark-brown hair like his father but unique, piercing, blue-green eyes with a serious cast to them.

Is there an age limit for promise rings? ›

So, we don't believe there's an age limit for a promise ring. That being said, it's always wise to discuss what a promise ring will mean for you and your partner before buying the ring.

Who gives promise rings? ›

Some couples give promise rings to each other. Other times one person will give their partner one to pledge their commitment and demonstrate how much they value the relationship. The point is, anyone can give or wear a promise ring.

How much should a promise ring be? ›

Instead of costing a few thousand dollars like the average engagement ring, promise rings typically only cost a few hundred dollars, making them much more affordable. The average couple spends under $400 on a promise ring, but you can easily get away with spending under $100.

What color should promise rings be? ›

Metals - While sterling silver and yellow or white gold are the most common promise ring metals, you've got lots of other choices. Tungsten carbide rings are more durable and scratch-resistant than other precious metals, making them a great choice for people who work with their hands.

What does a promise ring mean virgin? ›

Purity rings (also known as promise rings, abstinence rings, or chastity rings) are rings worn as a sign of chastity.

What does a promise ring mean in the Bible? ›

A promise ring can also signify an oath to God. Whether showing a commitment to stay true to your beliefs or a reminder to study your religious texts every day, promise rings for religious reasons are a common choice. People also use promise rings to remind themselves of their vow to abstain from sex until marriage.

What is a divorce ring? ›

A divorce ring is a piece of jewelry that symbolizes the end of a marriage. It can be worn on the finger of the hand that once held a wedding ring, or it can be placed on a necklace or bracelet.

What does a pinky ring mean on a man? ›

Traditionally, a pinky ring worn on your dominant hand, which for most men is the right hand, represents things you have accomplished personally, while a pinky ring worn on the other hand indicates family accomplishments. However, you are free to wear your pinky rings as you choose today.

What does it mean when a woman wears a ring on her first finger? ›

A ring on the index finger reflects confidence, self-esteem, and leadership qualities. It's the most dominant finger, it symbolizes power or authority.

Do you kneel when giving a promise ring? ›

It's not necessary to kneel when giving a promise ring. In fact, going down on one knee might mislead your loved one, making them think that you are about to propose marriage. A better way to present a promise ring is to hand it to the recipient, perhaps on a special occasion, while explaining the sentiment behind it.

How long after a promise ring do you get engaged? ›

How long after you give a promise ring should you get engaged? A promise ring is a symbol of commitment and love. It is often given as a pre-engagement ring and is worn on the left ring finger. The average time frame for an engagement is 12 months, but this can vary depending on the couple's individual circumstances.

What's the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring? ›

A promise ring is almost always suited to any stage of a relationship or friendship, whereas an engagement ring is something to be carefully considered as it is a direct proposition of marriage. Whatever you want or wherever you are in your life, there is always a ring to mark your commitment.

Can I wear my promise ring all the time? ›

Should a promise ring be worn all the time? Most people like to wear a promise ring all the time and not take it off. Some people prefer to wear theirs occasionally. As a couple, you can decide that together.

Should I sleep with my promise ring on? ›

Put simply—no, you shouldn't wear your engagement ring to bed. Sleeping with your ring on can put pressure on the band and bend the shank and prongs out of shape. Your ring may also catch on your blankets, which can damage the prongs and pull out diamonds.

Can I buy myself a promise ring? ›

Promise rings can be given in any way you wish. You can even give yourself a promise ring to remind you that there is so much more to life, and you have just seen a small part of it. Loving yourself is the most important start, because you can't fully love someone else until you have loved yourself first.

What finger is a promise ring worn on? ›

A promise ring can be worn on the ring finger of either hand. If it is given and accepted as a symbol of future commitment, it is typically worn on the left hand.

Can I give my boyfriend a promise ring? ›

Promise Rings not Just for Women

Many times, both partners will wear a promise ring. It's common for men to wear promise rings or even for a couple to find a matching promise ring set. Men can wear a simple band to share their promise. There is also no hard and fast rule about where a man should wear his promise ring.

What does the ring symbolize in the outsiders? ›

The rings in this story represent the physical power that accompanies wealth. By using his rings as combative weapons, Bob takes advantage of his economic superiority over Ponyboy and the other greasers, using his wealth to injure his opponents.

What is the ring from Gossip Girl? ›

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

However, Chuck ended up adding the best statement piece to Blair's wardrobe: a Harry Winston engagement ring. An 8 carat cushion cut diamond flanked by twin baguettes set in platinum, this solitaire three-stone engagement ring was at the center of a slew of dramatic events.

What is Darry's symbols? ›

Darry, the oldest Curtis boy, has eyes that Ponyboy describes as pale blue-green ice, determined set to them, and that they look cold and hard. Darry's eyes symbolize him having to become the guardian of the house at a young age, and that he had to grow up too fast.

Who wears the Gimmel ring? ›

Gimmel ring tradition

According to tradition, the separate rings were worn by the bride and groom at the time of their engagement until their wedding day, when the rings were united to form a single ring to be worn by the bride.

What does Blair's Red ring mean? ›

Even Blair, during the second season, wears an Alex Woo's charm (x) with her initials. Unlike Chuck, since the first episode she wears a ruby-golden ring given to her by her father (x). It symbolizes their emotional link as it's a love, passion and devotion pledge.

What celebrity has the most expensive ring? ›

Grace Kelly. In 1956, when the Hollywood actress wed Prince Rainier III of Monaco her engagement ring was priced at $4,060,000. Today, she takes the top spot with an engagement ring worth over $44.3 million when adjusted for inflation!

Who took Blair's virginity in Gossip Girl? ›

“Victor/Victrola,” Season 1, Episode 7

While he's there, Blair gets over her breakup with Nate by letting it all go on the burlesque stage–and Chuck's into it. Then Blair is very into Chuck being into it. So into it that she loses her virginity to him in the back of his limo.

What is Darry's values? ›

Devotion to his family, boldness and emotional burnout are the defining traits of Darry from “Outsiders”.

What does Darry look like? ›

He is described as having dark-brown hair like his father but unique, piercing, blue-green eyes with a serious cast to them. Ponyboy thinks he would actually be handsome if he weren't so cold and pragmatic. He describes his oldest brother at the start: "Darry's hard and firm and never grins at all" (The Outsiders 3).

What is Darry's biggest fear? ›

Darry's biggest fear was losing Ponyboy (or Soda) as they had lost their parents. This is revealed in Chapter 6 when Darry and Sodapop visit Ponyboy in hospital. Ponyboy finally realises that the reason that Darry has been so hard on him is because of his love for his brothers, not because he does not like Ponyboy.

What is the meaning of a gimmel ring? ›

Gimmel rings, also called joint rings, were commonly used in 16th and 17th century England to signify a betrothal or marriage.

What is the Holy ring called? ›

An ecclesiastical ring is a finger ring worn by clergy, such as a bishop's ring.

What is the ring that Prophet wore? ›

The prophet Muhammad wore a carnelian / aqiq ring set with silver as a commemoration of the removal of idols from the Grand Mosque in Mecca in 630 CE. To this day many Muslims do the same, including both Shia and Sunni clergy.


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